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Weekly Blog - Round 16 From Gez....

Are we on the home straight to the end of the season?!??….I hope so…those 3 rounds of byes was just yuck and dragged on and on…This needs to change next year (if the AFL executive are reading this).

The round just completed (round 15) had it all for tippers and fans! Some fun was had at Marvel with a head band being ripped off (Bruce Doull style) and thrown away. A much talked about bump at the G from a gun backline player. The smoking jacket of the red and blue was once again put back on after breaking a 3 game losing streak. The Weagles had their 2nd win of the year in the west. Arguably the game of year between big and small cats was a cracker and who would have thought the final match of round 15 would be a corker, with the alternative Magpies closing down the suns by 2.

As we move onto Round 16 this week, some more delights are on offer…The other big cats (coming off a loss) of the Lions will be at home against the Dogs. Expect the Lions to roar and send the Dogs whimpering back to their kennels. FNF looked like a beauty a few weeks ago on paper, but with the Blues beating Flagmantle last week and the Saints not attending church enough, the Blues should get the job done.

Super Saturday kicks off with the Swans meeting the Dons at the G in the traditional slot of 1.45pm…Swans would be favourite here, but come on the ‘Kevin Sheedy army’, get those jackets spinning in what could be an upset! The late arvo slot belongs to the Dees heading to the City of Churches to meet the Crows Dees will be up and about and should get the win. Geelong has the bye this week (sorry North supporters) and is timely, as Tom Stewart will be missing from the Cats line up. The other Saturday night games is the Suns v Pies at the Goldie…Pies are good on the road and expect by 31 point win.

Sunday arvo matches with the Tigers and Eagles at the G – Tigers should get the choccies here showing good form against the Cats last week. The Giants and Hawks game should be a close one. Both teams showing inconsistent form, so if both are on, should be a crackers; Giants by 1. The final game of Round 15 belongs to the Dockers and Power in the West, in what Sam Newman labelled the Fat Rat’s Clacker cup….(ref: The Fat Rat's Clacker Cup)

Good Luck to all HAT tippers this week, remember to tip with your brain and your heart… Cheers Gerard

Winner Round 15

Round 15 Winner: Anthony Bransden (9/9) 178 points. (Actual 170)

Anthony got the full quota this week with 9/9, along with Diane and Lindsay, but Anthony had the closest Game 1 points so take the chocies this round of $50 bananas.

Good luck for Round 16!

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The trained monkey has finally put the bananas away and come up with the new tips entry pages (similiar to what it like on the old HAT Footy Tipping page). Ironically, the Survey Monkey method of entering tips is no longer.

You will notice that the tips showing for future rounds are tips based on your ladder predictions you did at the start of the season. Check out Rule #8 of how they are worked out. If you don't enter you tips for a certain round your ladder tips are used. So depending on how good your ladder was at the start of the year will be a factor here.

Quarterly Tipping - 2nd Quarter Winners

  1. Greg Hine
  2. Ian Hermanis
  3. Ben Taylor
  4. Michael Seddon
  5. Nick Whittle

The third quarter has started from Round 12 for another 6 weeks, where you have a fresh shot at winning a quarter and prize money regardless of how you are going overall in the tipping...that's the beauty of HAT Footy Tipping - always many ways to win money and have your name up in lights. Make a real go at it to claim Quarter 3. First place is worth $100...Good luck!

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