Frequently Asked Questions

When do I pay my subs fee?

As soon as possible please. Click here for all the details.

What is Game 1 total points?

It is NOT the points margin! You have to tip the total number of points scored in game 1 of the round, that is Team 1's points plus Team 2's points. This is used as a tie breaker when working out the weekly winner. Obviously this is not the same as points margin (and harder to tip too!). See rule 5 .

Adding addition tippers under the same email address...

For those tippers that have more than one tipper on one email address (e.g. husband and wife), please register for one of the tippers, then send us an email by clicking here with details for the additional tippers, and we’ll do the rest. Of course if your Family member would rather register for themselves on their own email address, that’s fine too.

Why doesn’t my internet browser save my login details?

The internet browser you use may not save your email and password when you log in to HAT Footy Tipping (i.e. Cookies won’t save the details). This can be a real pain having to re-enter these details every time you log in.

How do I get a HAT Footy Tipping desktop shortcut icon?

When you add the Footy Tipping web page to your Favourites in MS Edge or Google Chrome, the HAT Footy Tipping icon should be shown. Then make sure you can see your desktop and click and drag the icon to the desktop.

Another way to do it is to click on 'Home', then 'File', 'Send', 'Shortcut to Desktop'. That works in MS Edge. It should probably work similarly in other browsers.

What do the arrows mean in the Results Sheet? To be implemented soon in updated results sheet

If there is a single arrow (á or â) next to your name in either direction, who have moved between 20 and 40 places. If there is a double arrow ( áá or ââ) next to your name in either direction, who have moved greater than 40 places.

What does it mean if my name is shown in Red on the Results Sheet? To be implemented soon in updated results sheet

It means you haven't paid your subs for year- at least according to our records. Click here for the details of how to pay.

Additional Email Addresses To be implemented soon when Detail Results Email are available

We can send reminders, results etc to two or more email addresses, (eg home and work). If you'd like this setup just send us an email with the details by clicking here.

Resubmitting Tips

If you change your mind or make a mistake with your tips just try again. The later entry overwrites the earlier one.

Who are Sally Sameagain and company? To be implemented soon in updated results sheet

Sally and her friends are computer generated tippers who exist just for fun. They give you a clue how particular tipping strategies might work for you. Here's how they tip: